FAQs about Freeze Drying & Freeze Dryer

What are the different capacities of freeze dryers that are available for purchase from DNS Global Foods?

Our freeze dryers are custom made for clients. The freeze dryers are built to specifications to manage the agreed input capacity of specified products as agreed with the clients beforehand.

Why should we buy freeze dryer from DNS Global Foods?

We have accumulated seven years of expertise in the freeze drying industry, initially focusing on the sale of freeze dried food products before expanding into our line of freeze dryers. Our unparalleled experience in handling a diverse array of freeze dried food products will prove invaluable as you embark on your own production journey.

What are the different types of freeze dryer machines that are made by DNS Global Foods?

Radiant type freeze dryer : In radiant type freeze dryer machine, food is frozen in an external blast freezer and the heat required for sublimation in the drying chamber is provided through radiation.

Conductive type freeze dryer : In conductive type freeze dryer machine, food is frozen externally or in the same drying chamber and sublimation heat is provided through conduction.

What are the different elements within Freeze Drying Systems?

Refrigeration system : Refrigeration system freezes the product and cools the coil to trap the moisture released from the frozen food in the drying chamber

Heating System : Heating system provides the necessary heat required for sublimation

Vacuum System : Vacuum system reduces the pressure in the drying chamber to enable boiling of water at sub zero temperatures.

Working of all the systems in harmony is required to remove the water from the product when it is in iced state and trapping that moisture on the vapor trap in the form of ice.

What is the best way to communicate and get a quick reply on queries?

Mail at dnsglobalfoods@gmail.com  and share detail about the products you want to freeze dry and the input capacity required per day. We will carefully study your requirements and suggest the right equipment for you. Alternatively, WhatsApp us on +91-7227970076 for a chat reply.

Is Freeze Drying, Sublimation and Lyophilization same?

Yes. Freeze Drying is also referred as lyophilization or drying by sublimation. Freeze Dryers are also called as freeze drying systems, Freeze Dried machine and lyophilization systems. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeze_drying

Do you sell Freeze Dryers from any marketplace?

No. We cater to requirements placed directly to us through the modes of communication mentioned on our website.

+91 7227970076


Do you buy back freeze dryers if we want to upgrade to a large freeze dryer?


What is the difference between home freeze dryer and freeze dryer from DNS Global Foods?

Our Freeze Dryers are made from industrial grade components meant for 24/7, 365 days operations. Since freeze drying batch time range from 10-20 hours, it is essential that components that are used are of top quality for hassle free operations.

What is the warranty on freeze dryer from DNS Global Foods?

1 year from date of dispatch. All components are sourced from reputed brands with presence in India.

What is the cost of freeze drying per kg?

Though the cost of freeze drying varies from product to product and is also dependent on seasonal factors like humidity, height from sea level etc. However, it can be safely assumed that it costs anywhere between INR 50 – INR 65 per kg for freeze drying 1 kg of meals with a 30% solid content.

How much time it takes to freeze dry?

Batch time for freeze drying is different for different products. However, batch time in commercial freeze dryer provided by us is much lower (50% or more) as compared to home freeze dryer which takes about 36-50 hours to freeze dry most of the products. Most of the products in our freeze dryers are done within 12-18 hours.

Is Freeze Drying costly?

Compared to conventional methods of drying like hot air drying, tray drying or spray drying, freeze drying is expensive as it happens under sub zero product temperatures and hence requires more energy. Suitable design and appropriate refrigeration system, vacuum system and heating system can help in energy efficient freeze drying process . Despite its higher processing cost, freeze drying remains the gold standard among all food preservation technologies. The nutritional value, product shrinkage and rehydration capabilities of final product is best when its freeze dried.

What is the smallest size Industrial grade freeze dryer available from DNS Global Foods?

Our Industrial grade freeze dryer range starts from 10 Kg input capacity onwards.

We are looking for used freeze dryer in India ? Can you help?

We also buy and sell used and refurbished freeze dryers. You can get in touch with your requirements at dnsglobalfoods@gmail.com

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