Home Freeze Dryer (Pilot Freeze Dryer)

  • Freeze Dryer machine for home with 4Kg, 6Kg, 8Kg & 10Kg input capacity per batch
  • Freezing and drying in same chamber
  • Single phase
  • SS chamber
  • Ideal for sampling, testing & recipe development
F-5 (4-5Kg per batch)₹ 3,20,2000/- (Ex-works)
F-6 (5-6Kg per batch)₹ 4,20,000/- (Ex-works)
F-8 (6-8Kg per batch)₹ 5,20,000/- (Ex-works)
F-10 (8-10Kg per batch)₹ 6,20,000/- (Ex-works)

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